Paying Attention

March 4, 2021

We are most certainly in the era of warp-speed information consumption. But it seems that we rarely slow down to genuinely take in what we’re reading and reflect on how we feel about what we just read. The Internet has become a repository of helpful AND counterproductive information. Many of us can’t figure out what is genuinely false from what is actually true. At the same time, it seems that you can no longer read an online article without being interrupted, at least five times, by popup ads, intrusive animations, and irrelevant trivia, which add even more confusion.

At SERAFINO, we love creating jewelry that is beautiful to see, smooth to the touch, and soothing to the senses. While everything moves at high-speed, we slow down to observe the world around us. We pay attention to what we see. We don’t focus on the stereotypical “big picture,” but we zero in on the details, the little things that make the big thing fabulous. We keep things simple and fluid. We get most of our creative inspiration from nature and our urban surroundings. We apply our talent and craftsmanship to design unique, elegant and sophisticated jewelry that has transformative effects. It makes you feel great when you touch it, feel awesome when you wear it and look even more beautiful when people see it on you.

Our online store is full of beautiful examples that express what “Designed by SERAFINO” really means.

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