Balancing the Opposites

The Story

We can’t give you an exact date, but we know for sure it all started when Annegret Morf walked up the stairs of an old, Tuscan farmhouse where she had moved into a rented room the evening before. She was coming up the stairs exactly at that time because the bus from Florence had just dropped her off a short walk away. She’d been in Florence for her art restoration classes and remained there afterwards to run some errands.

At the top of the stairs, a payphone hung on the wall. It was ringing. A young Antonio Serafino was coming out of the kitchen to answer it.  He’d taken the bus before Annegret’s to get back from a small factory, where he worked making wrought iron lamps and tables. They glanced at each other. We’re not sure what went through their minds, but we know it was not love at first sight … but each was curious about the other.

Fast forward three months and they were an item. No need to go into their tumultuous courtship. He was her working-class hero and she his bourgeois princess.

No, that’s just a bit too cliché. Let’s start over.

He pestered her mercilessly and accused her of being a spoiled, rich, bourgeois Swiss kid going to school in Florence until she got fed up.  She challenged him to “get real” and go back to school to make his dream of becoming goldsmith come true. So he did.

They were two young people looking beyond their fate. She treasured his street wisdom. He found solace in her ease with culture and society. She grew up listening to her parents read Greek myths as bedtime stories. He grew up in the mysterious places those stories had taken place.

Her mission was to defy the typically European notion that the daughter of academics could not be an artisan. His mission was to achieve what his dad, a shoemaker who grew up in Italy during World War II, had not accomplished.

A karmic relationship? Perhaps.

At the time, they had no idea what they were getting into. They had no idea they were laying the foundations for a successful and effervescent jewelry studio by the name of SERAFINO.

Our principles and practise

Our Philosophy

“We dedicate ourselves to jewelry making at its highest standards. We strive to practise its finest traditions with knowledge and love, while always aspiring to add something new and exciting to the ancient craft.

We dedicate ourselves to the happiness of our clients, and we work with extraordinary care and devotion to please them.

We offer them our strict adherence to quality, honesty in business, and exceptional, detail-driven service every hour of every day.

We hope that our values will continue to match the expectations of our clients and colleagues, now and in the years to come.”

Antonio Serafino and Annegret Morf​

Annegret Morf

Art, music, poetry

Annegret Morf

Swiss-born Annegret Morf brings all the romance and history of her experience as an art restorer and violin maker to her creative role at SERAFINO. Her academic training in these arts spans the globe, and includes years spent in Florence, Italy and Basel, Switzerland. In these great centres of culture and artistic achievement she absorbed the secrets of masters in European art, design and fine craftsmanship.

“For some years I have been completely dedicated to making jewelry. The weightless and musical character of some of my pieces—juxtaposed with a more solid, sculpture-like style of jewelry—speaks of my past as a violin maker.
The choice of a stone or the sequence of elements composing my creations is the fruit of constant research. The subtlest nuances of colour, cut and design detail profoundly influence the end result.

I am also very interested in the interaction between the jewelry piece and the person wearing it. A piece of jewelry is like a story or a poem. When well done, it possesses a singular character that interacts with the character of the wearer, and both are enhanced.

I strive to create true poems that adorn the uniqueness of each person who shares my love of beauty and enchantment.”

Roots, culture, craft

Antonio Serafino

Born in Naples, Italy, the son of shoemakers, Antonio Serafino has cultivated an intimate passion for fine crafts since his childhood. As a young man, his dream of becoming a jeweler led him to Florence, where he studied this art in various schools.

In Florence, a jewel of the Renaissance and symbol of refinement, he completed his prestigious apprenticeship in the workshop of celebrated master jeweler Franco Franchi. Among other distinctions, Antonio was certified as a master goldsmith by the Accademia Riachi, also in Florence.

Building on his solid traditional knowledge, Antonio specialized over the years in high-end jewelry making.
More than 20 years of daily labor at the bench, plus a constantly renewed education in disciplines including stone setting and gemology, have made him a virtuoso of the craft.
His design aesthetic, deeply rooted in culture and tradition, strives after purity and sophistication. It is influenced by many things: from geometrical forms and motifs of ethnic origin to graceful curves and patterns inspired by nature, art history and science.

Antonio Serafino’s contemporary style is in constant evolution and reliably channels the aesthetic tendencies of our time.

Antonio Serafino

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