Be unique

October 8, 2020

Since the beginning of time, humans have cherished jewellery. Whether made of bone or precious metals and rare stones, the main reason for this attraction was to stand out and be unique.

Our style, what we choose to wear, how we accessorize, and what jewellery we adorn ourselves with are decisions that start in our minds at the subconscious level. Some decisions are deliberate and conscious, like choosing to adhere to a trend or trying a completely radical new look. Nevertheless, the initial trigger starts in our subconscious.

Most people believe they’re unique, and it may be true as far as how we look in our Adam or Eve suits. Still, for the most part, people and styles will always find their way into predetermined categories, making them less than unique. It’s a well-known fact that being genuinely unique is one of the hardest things to achieve. Nevertheless, it can be done by having clothes, shoes, and jewellery custom-made to one’s exact specifications. Despite this effort, most people will end up with something that someone else has because many designers have a cookie-cutter design approach.

Rare are the people who will consult a jeweller, trust him and give him “carte blanche” to design a new piece of jewellery, one that will express uniqueness, creativity, excellent taste, and remarkable beauty.

At SERAFINO, our designers often get these types of requests. They are always excited at the prospect of letting their imagination, expertise and skills do the talking.

If you want to wear something unique and boldly express your identity, you came to the right jewellery design studio!

Contact us to discuss your special request and trust us to design you a magnificent and creative piece of jewellery.

In the meantime, visit our online store and discover jewellery elevated to an art form!