Before & After

October 3, 2020

A few of our followers emailed us to express their curiosity about the necklace we featured in the last two posts. They wondered what old jewels we had used to make the new necklace design presented below.

At SERAFINO, as we hinted in the earlier posts, we are also experts in jewelry transformation. This means that we can take your outdated jewels and create a beautiful new piece of original and unique jewelry.

Every beautiful creation starts with a story.

A while ago, a client of ours show interest in having some of her old jewelry transformed into a new piece more to her liking.

Her husband added an old ring to the heap of jewelry. It was made of white and yellow gold set with a yellow diamond with green reflections (see our previous post for yellow diamond information). Little did we know that the yellow gem had a history of its own.

Our customer’s father-in-law, George, a member of an old Armenian family with roots dating back to the Crusader’s Era (12th century AD), operated a shipping and packing company in Palestine. At the time, 1946, the area was under British rule, which contributed significantly to the company’s prosperity.

In 1944, one of his customers, a British colonel offered George two beautiful bracelets and a ring set with a yellow diamond surrounded by small brilliant-cut diamonds for 400 pounds sterling. That considerable amount was above George’s means, but a gut feeling told him that this would be an excellent opportunity to invest in portable wealth. He decided to borrow the money to purchase the lot.

The jewelry was rarely worn by George’s wife, whose father was a jeweler for the Royal Hashemite Court. The items stayed hidden away for years in George’s home. Upon the British exit from Palestine, war erupted. George and his family fled to Alexandria, Egypt, for three months, then to Lebanon, and finally ended up in Jerusalem in 1950. There, he built up a tourism business specializing in touring the various religious sites. To this day, the company caters to tourists from all over the world.

The yellow diamond was evaluated by diamond experts in Haifa and Montreal, who marveled at the unique colour. They believed that the British colonel might have acquired the gem in South Africa.

Later, George was entrusted with the diamond and had the stone set on a ring for himself. In 1967, he went to study in Geneva, Switzerland, leaving the ring in a safety deposit box for three decades. Upon meeting the love of his life, he offered her the diamond ring to have something made for herself with the ring’s gem.

SERAFINO’s designers proposed to have the yellow diamond as the centerpiece of a new necklace. Although the artistic direction was ready to push the limits, our customer leaned toward something classic but straightforward that could be worn for any occasion. Four sketches were drawn and rejected.

We finally presented our vision matching her taste and personality, which she approved.

Antonio envisioned a piece that would be static but flowing. On the other hand, Annegret imagined it delicate and articulated. Both approaches brought to life a magnificent and unique necklace that beautifully features the mysterious yellow diamond while staying in harmony with our customer’s classic contemporary taste.

Jewelry transformation is the best way to preserve memories and retain the history of our old, outdated jewels within a new piece that takes on a life of its own and better suits your taste and style.

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