Bigger and expensive does not always mean beautiful and classy.

October 9, 2020

Everyone has heard that when it comes to jewellery, bigger is better and expensive is beautiful. If you look at jewellery as a layman, the first things you’ll probably notice will be the stones’ size, how many are there, what metal was used (if you can recognize it), etc. Then you’ll conclude that the jewel must have cost a whopping amount of money. Then maybe, you’ll say, “wow.” Maybe.

Take a large diamond, set it on a platinum ring and voilà! You have an expensive piece of jewellery. But will it be beautiful? Will it be unique? Will it match who you are and how you want to be perceived? In these questions (and many others) lies the secret of a complex formula.

In the end, it all comes down to design. Creating beautiful and original jewellery is a delicate and precise balancing act. The choice of gems, how they will coexist, the appropriate dimensions, the size ratios between the stones, the metal selection, the overall design, and many other subtleties come into play when crafting a veritable piece of art. And yes, jewellery IS art.

Of course, budget is an essential element in some of the design decision-making. But it is not necessarily the determining factor when beauty, originality, uniqueness, and elegance are concerned.

Keep this in mind when you shop for jewellery. It is always better to wear something beautiful that matches your personality, style, and identity, rather than something just big and expensive.

At SERAFINO, we master this delicate balancing act. This is why we have been successful in designing magnificent and original jewellery for the past two decades.

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