Brand New or Transformed?

October 23, 2020

One great thing about jewellery is that precious metals and gems are eternal. Indeed, dating to the birth of our planet, it is safe to say that they will outlast us. That’s great news for people who inherited old jewellery with outdated designs or possibly damaged components.

Jewellery transformation is the art of making new with the old, rejuvenating designs, polishing scratches and recutting the stones. Out of something from another time or of poor design, you can finally get a “new” piece of jewellery that will genuinely match who you are and how you want to be perceived.

At SERAFINO, our designers love challenges and puzzles. You probably own a few jewellery pieces that you don’t necessarily enjoy anymore but don’t want to get rid of because of their sentimental value or emotional connection to someone special. We can create a brand new and magnificent jewel for you using the stones and the metals from your heirloom pieces and, if you wish, preserving and integrating certain details of particular significance to you.

Sounds easy, right? Not really!

Jewellery transformation is an art that requires a lot of experience in jewellery design, expert craftsmanship, and an excellent eye for visualizing a unique concept by looking at an outdated jewel or a pile of old jewellery.

Contact us to discuss how we can breathe life into your old jewellery by creating a stunning unique new jewel for you to love and for your friends to admire.

In the meantime, visit our online store for ideas and discover jewellery elevated to an art form!