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Instant Gratification

How many times have we heard of a person waking up depressed and going on an all day shopping-binge hoping it will make her feel better, only to come back home with a whole bunch of things that she doesn’t need or like, or with nothing at all? When…


No Pressure, No Diamonds!

  Diamonds, like many other gems, were formed about three billion years ago, deep within our planet’s crust, in extreme conditions of intense heat and pressure. And while in the case of diamonds, the combination of heat and pressure is a good thing, for us, living beings, in our daily…

Jewelry, Necklace

Having Fun with Glass

When we discuss jewelry, the first thing that comes to mind is precious metals and gems. But jewelry doesn’t always have to involve expensive materials and convoluted design acrobatics. One material we use in our jewelry is glass. Yes, plain, old glass. But then again, at SERAFINO, nothing is…