Custom-designed Jewelry for Christmas

September 18, 2020

Usually, most companies start talking about Christmas after Thanksgiving, so why are we already hinting at it now? Like everything beautiful and unique, jewelry design takes time. But it’s time well invested!

The large majority of people who want to offer their loved one a piece of jewelry will walk into a store, pick from what is on display, get it gift-wrapped, add a quick and awkward message on a card, and voilà! Mission accomplished. Another checkbox filled.

We believe there’s more to a jewel. It’s not just something one buys like a pair of shoes. Jewelry is something that expresses more than the sum of its valuable parts. That “je ne sais quoi” is amplified tenfold when the object is unique, even better, when it has been specifically designed for the person you love. It shows how much you were attentive to her taste and how she wants to express her identity. It shows that you care. It demonstrates that what she likes is important and that you took the time to find the best designer with the right skills to craft a valuable object of desire expertly. You don’t want to buy her an ordinary piece of jewelry; you want to offer her an amazingly beautiful, unique, and custom-made work of art.

And so, back to Christmas. Like a great wine, beautiful and unique jewelry takes time. At SERAFINO, our designers take the time it takes, no more, no less, to go from concept to your finished jewel. There is no such thing as a rush, but we will make sure we adhere to your timeline.

Now is the time to start talking with us about that unique piece you want your loved one to wear with pride, knowing that she will remember that there’s a piece of you in it each time she will look at it. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Contact us today to discuss your concept or idea!