Expertise Included

March 19, 2021


People ask us why a piece of jewelry costs $x when the sum of its components only cost $y. It’s an interesting question that requires a thorough response to make things clear.

The price of a piece of jewelry is not equal to the sum of its components. You must take into account the time invested in creating the initial concept (research, drawings, etc.), then you must add the time it takes to produce the piece (everything we create is handmade). Add to that the price of each component (precious metals, stones, gems, pearls, etc.). And then, there is another very important element that people tend to forget about, “Expertise”.

At SERAFINO, our main designers have over 3 decades of experience in jewelry design, repair and transformation. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of jewelry design acquired through years of practice and our continuous quest for perfection, we are able to create and produce handmade jewelry efficiently, within a reasonable timeframe, and without any waste. In other words, you don’t pay for a piece of jewelry that took x hours to make, you pay for the thirty plus years it took us to be able to make it perfectly in ONLY x hours. That also has a price.

Nevertheless, at SERAFINO, we pride ourselves on the quality of our jewelry selection and our reasonable pricing. We want our customers to be comfortable with our prices and happy wearing the jewelry they purchased. For us, there’s nothing more gratifying than seeing someone walking down the street wearing one of our unique, elegant and sophisticated pieces of jewelry.

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