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Forgotten Treasures

December 24, 2020

So you’re planning your move into a new home, and you’ll be taking advantage of these few days off to go through all the old stuff you’ve been keeping stored away in your attic or in boxes in the basement. And although you thought it would be a dull and endless chore, you found some things that your grand-mother had left for you in her will. You had completely forgotten about this beautiful, old jewelry, lying hidden away for all these years. Antique treasures, full of memories and packed with emotion, that are sadly out of date and incompatible with your style. What to do?

Lucky you! At SERAFINO, we are experts in jewelry transformation. Indeed, thanks to our twenty plus years of experience in breathing new life into old jewelry, your precious gems will undergo a complete (or partial) metamorphosis. At the end of our creative process, our exquisite craftsmanship will leave you with a magnificent, new piece of jewelry that will make people envy you for years to come.

Tired of shopping around and finding the same things everywhere?

Why don’t you make an appointment and bring us your old jewelry so we can create something unique and beautiful while preserving the memories and emotional connections that inhabit these precious treasures?

In the meantime, visit our online store for ideas and discover jewelry elevated to an art form!