Get One. Desire Them All.

October 28, 2020

One fascinating thing with human beings is our propensity for collecting items. Whether we collect stamps, Coca-Cola bottles from every country, or salt and pepper shakers, people love collecting the strangest things. In the fashion universe, designers launch collections. And although very few people purchase an entire collection, it’s not quite the same in jewellery.

A few weeks ago, we posted about a fascinating jewel, the Sybilla Ring, and we received tremendous comments about it. But did you know that we have a Sybilla collection? Indeed, the magnificent Sybilla design that triggered so many kind words, love, and likes on social media is not restricted to just one piece.

If you liked the Sybilla Ring, you would love the Tiny Sybilla Rings displaying the same pure and minimalistic lines and elegance of the Sybilla design. These discreet and beautiful works of art are so affordable, in time, you should own them all!

And then there is the Sybilla Bracelet!

With the holiday season around the corner, the Sybilla Collection is most definitely a great gift idea for yourself or a loved one.

At SERAFINO, it’s not about how much we have on our online store; it’s about the design and quality of what we sell to our valued customers.

Visit in our online store for ideas and discover jewelry elevated to an art form!