How Women are Emotionally, Personally, and Professionally Impacted by Jewelry

September 11, 2020

Long gone are the years when women waited for men to buy them jewelry. Nevertheless, women always remember that first special gift from a very special person. And although the present was received years ago, its memory remains parked in a special place in their hearts.

Jewelry is generally emotionally charged. That’s why when the relationship breaks off, many women get rid of these gifts or sell them to erase the memories and break the connection.

Today many women buy themselves jewelry and do not wait for a man to buy it for them. A woman will often buy herself a piece of jewelry to commemorate a new job, a promotion, winning a new account, an unforgettable vacation, etc. In addition to owning the precious object, they experience a feeling of accomplishment, freedom, or maybe a sense of control. The acquisition of jewelry triggers excitement because it’s a way to make a personal, professional, or sentimental statement.

Let’s not underestimate the reason women wear jewelry in the first place. Jewelry reflects who a woman is (or would like to be).

To some women, jewelry has special meaning regardless of size or price. It’s full of emotion and sentimental memories. It’s something that can be transmitted from mother to daughter, to grandchild and so on. It becomes a part of a woman’s personal story and, by extent, a piece of her family’s history.

Finally, there is something unique about jewelry. It reflects longevity, eternity, and a sense of owning a piece of the universe’s history. Isn’t that one of the reasons why we say that “diamonds are forever”?

But then again, women love their significant one to buy them jewelry once in a while. They love wearing that diamond on their finger because diamonds remind women that they are cherished and loved by the significant person who gave it to them.

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