Imagine the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Life is almost back to normal, and we’ve finally regained the freedom to do what we want to do.

How about a trip to a distant dream location? Imagine that!

So you plan your trip, book your hotel, buy the tickets, pack your suitcases, and off you go. You and your loved one arrive at your dream destination. The weather is warm, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the ocean even bluer. Your hotel is luxurious, and you feel like Hollywood superstars. You rush to your room, quickly slip on your brand new beachwear and hurry to the beach before sunset to take a quick dip.

Back at your hotel, you are eager to get a drink and dinner, so you into one of your evening outfits and take off to your evening destination.

Later on, back at the hotel, you realize you had forgotten to put your jewelry in your room’s safe, and someone stole it!

Your jewelry is gone, and you go from ecstatic to devastated in two point five seconds.

Yes, your insurance may reimburse you. Yes, the hotel will bend over backwards to find a way to make your stay enjoyable regardless of your misfortune. But nothing will replace the jewelry you loved.

The moral of the story is simple. Always put your jewelry in the safe! Before taking jewelry on a trip, double-check your insurance policy, take photos of yourself wearing your jewelry and try not to wear too much of it during your transit (plane, cabs, trains, etc.)

Another important thing to keep in mind, once your insurance reimburses you for your loss, bring us the photos of your stolen jewelry. Thanks to over three decades of jewelry design, transformation and repair, SERAFINO’s designers will recreate your stolen jewelry so you can once again enjoy wearing it.

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