It’s all about balance

November 4, 2020


Time and time again, we’ve heard that to be happy life, we should create a proper balance in all aspects of our life. To have a nice figure, we should adhere to a balanced diet. And to be able to sleep at night, we should maintain a close-to-zero balance on our credit cards. Whatever we do, the word balance always ends up coming around to nag at us no matter where we turn.

Fortunately, in jewelry, like in skyscraper design, balance is a requirement! Indeed, the proper balance in component selection, the grace of the lines, the appropriate dosage of eccentricity and practicality, etc. Jewelry is all about balance. Exquisite balance.

Nevertheless, if we stuck to absolute and rigorous balance without artistic risk-taking, we couldn’t call ourselves designers, right?

Our EQUILIBRIO rings are a perfect example of how we master balance, symmetry, and asymmetry to create beautiful jewelry that you can wear with pride.

At SERAFINO, we love designing eye-popping jewelry. Whether we’ve designed it to sell in our online store or custom-made them to meet your special requests, our attention to detail is a key element of our brand’s signature.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a look for yourself!

Visit our online store for ideas and discover jewelry elevated to an art form!