Jewelry Transformation

It’s Spring!

March 26, 2021

Finally, Spring is here to stay! Many of us will start our traditional spring cleaning. This means cleaning the garage, the front and backyard, decluttering our closets, reorganizing our drawers and regaining control over other areas of our house.

Spring is also time to take inventory of your jewelry box and see what’s going on in there. Of course, you have those special pieces that you love unconditionally. Then, you have your “good to have.” Finally, you may have a few pieces that you no longer care for. They may be outdated or damaged or maybe you’re just tired of wearing them.

Wait, don’t write them just yet!

For the last three decades, SERAFINO’s designers have excelled at jewelry transformation. You can bring us your outdated or damaged jewels. We can create, just for you, a unique, elegant and sophisticated piece of jewelry using elements from your old jewels. You will then own a new beautiful piece of jewelry that you can wear with pride.

So, don’t discard your old jewelry just yet. Contact us to make an appointment.

And, in the meantime, visit our online store for ideas and discover jewelry elevated to an art form!