Jewelry Elevated to an Art Form

September 2, 2020

When Annegret Morf climbed the stairs of an old Tuscan farmhouse where she had rented a room just one day earlier, little did she know that her destiny was about to be revealed to her. She’d been taking an art restoration class in Florence and had just been back from running errands when the payphone rang at the top of the stairs. A young man rushed out of the kitchen to answer it. He worked in a modest factory where he manufactured wrought iron lamps and tables. His name was Antonio Serafino. Their eyes met, and their curiosity about each other ignited. Three months later, the Swiss bourgeois princess and the working-class hero were an item. He kept teasing her about her being a rich spoiled Swiss kid studying in Florence until the next thing came up. On the other hand, she challenged him to move up to the next level by going back to school to finally become the goldsmith of his dreams. At the time, who could have predicted that the sophisticated, educated Swiss rebel and the Italian gifted working-class artisan were about to trigger the chain of events that would soon give birth to the prolific and renowned

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