Jewelry , Jewelry Transformation


November 26, 2020

For the last few decades, recycling has been a great concept that has, over the years, taking its place in all spheres of our lives. When it comes to jewelry, here at SERAFINO, we prefer to use the words transformation or metamorphosis because it isn’t only about recycling materials.

Who hasn’t found or inherited old jewelry or owned a piece that is no longer trendy?

Thankfully, in the world of jewelry, the old can become new, and it can preserve the memories and emotional connection we have with these precious objects from the past.

At SERAFINO, we don’t do plain jewelry transformation. In our hands, your old and outdated antiques experience metamorphosis. They transition from one state to another. So, why leave your jewelry from the past to lie forgotten in a dusty drawer or to sleep, unworn in a safe?

Bring us your old and precious jewelry, and we will breathe new life into it, making you the proud owner of a new, elegant, sophisticated and unique work of art.

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