No Pressure, No Diamonds!

February 11, 2021


Diamonds, like many other gems, were formed about three billion years ago, deep within our planet’s crust, in extreme conditions of intense heat and pressure. And while in the case of diamonds, the combination of heat and pressure is a good thing, for us, living beings, in our daily lives it’s detrimental.

Stress is one of the biggest threats to our health because of the way it affects many areas of our bodies and how it influences our behaviour. Day after day, throughout this pandemic, many of us have experienced a new kind of intense stress: the fear of being contaminated with COVID-19. Everywhere we look, there is something to remind us of this invisible threat, and people are tired and upset about this situation.

Offering or receiving a gift makes our brain release a substance called dopamine into our nervous system. This substance makes us feel happy. The more dopamine we receive, the happier we are.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, make yourself happy by offering your loved one a beautiful piece of jewelry or, if you are not in a relationship, indulge and buy one for yourself!

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