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One is the loneliest number

November 18, 2020

Earrings are universal. They come in various shapes, sizes, weights, and designs. How many of you own just one pair of earrings and wear them day after day, as though they were a permanent part of your ears? Well, you’re not alone, a large part of the population is just like you!

We believe that a woman should have as many earrings as possible, making the number of possible combinations with her outfits astronomical. Well, almost.

Imagine yourself owning ten pairs of magnificently designed earrings that can go with anything you have in your closet. Let’s assume you have twenty different outfits. That’s 200 possible combinations. That represents almost 54.79% of the year, which means that your friends and coworkers will not see you more than twice with the same earrings/outfit combination over a period of one year. For obvious reasons, it takes a while to build your earring collection. But if you buy a pair every three months, you will eventually own an impressive array of earrings.

OK, enough with the math!

At SERAFINO, we offer a wide range of beautiful and unique earrings that can match almost any outfit and budget. Whether you prefer gold, silver, pearls, exotic crystals, or precious gems, we’ve got it!

Everything we design is handmade by us in our studio, not mass-produced in a foreign land.

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