Amber Glass Hoop Earrings

$ 150.00

Glass hoop earrings in sterling silver with amber colored glass disks. By changing the position of the hoop you can wear these earrings in different ways.

Color: Yellow
  • glass hoop earrings
  • glass hoop earrings
  • glass hoop earrings
  • Gemstone



    Amber, Yellow


    Sterling Silver

    Earring system

    Hoop earring

    Earring Length

    5.7 – 7cm ( 2 1/4" – 2 3/4" )

    Colors and measurements may vary slightly.

Hammered discs sparkle with light while colored glass or pearl petals adorn these lyric poems that sing of spirit, freedom and metamorphosis. The Freevola Collection combines the weightlessness of spirit with the materiality of perpetual change.

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