Sustainability Manifesto

Planet earth, our habitat, our inspiration


Nature is our source of life and inspiration. As we observe it, we are constantly reminded of its force and fragility. At Serafino, we are passionate about our planet, and we strive to contribute to the preservation of its integrity by practicing sustainability in our business and personal lives.

Our Jewelry Ethic

As fine Jewelers, we consider ourselves part of the “slow” movement. Our designs do not follow fleeting trends, but are designed to last and to be treasured for generations. We strive to work with recycled and responsibly sourced metals and gemstones.

Reusing controversial gems

You may be surprised to find coral in some of our collections. This coral is part of an inventory bought from a retiring colleague. It was harvested long before our society was conscious of the impact coral harvesting has on our planet. And because we feel that it would be disrespectful to throw these beautiful gems away, we have decided to use them and to donate 10% of our profit from these pieces to the Coral Conservation Society. Rest assured that once our coral inventory is exhausted, we will continue making these pieces using an eco-friendly replacement.

Our Studio Ethic

We integrate sustainability within our business. We turn off machines and lights that are not in use. At lunchtime we use washable dishes. We use sustainable cleaning materials, and are constantly looking for ways to reduce printing. We also use recyclable materials for shipping, and recycle all of our plastic, glass, cardboard, and paper. We collect the waste from our jewelry production and have it refined to recuperate the precious metals.

We Are Not Perfect

We understand that these are simply steps on our journey to sustainability. But by implementing our philosophy, and teaming up with like-minded businesses, we hope to make a difference. Our goal is to promote the protection of our habitat, the fascinating planet Earth—for ourselves, for our children and for all of earth’s inhabitants, fauna and flora alike.