Taking Time to Take the Time it Takes

March 11, 2021

It’s fascinating to see how many people are looking for the magic formula to live a better life, do more with less effort, be more efficient and have less time loss, be in top shape in two weeks, rich in six months, be happy, to name just a few life goals.

There are no magic formulas, no hacks, no shortcuts, and no time-compressing machines. Anything we want to accomplish in life takes time, hard work, dedication, passion, and the courage to risk failure. And while many become discouraged at the idea of having to work hard and not reaching their goal at the snap of a finger or with the help of a $99.95 “secret hack” found online, others stand out by putting in long hours to pursue their dreams. They display unbreakable persistence in the face of adversity. They risk it all to succeed.

SERAFINO’s story is a little bit like that. After losing our business to a robbery, it would have been easy for us to feel discouraged and simply give up. But we found the strength to pursue our dream by moving to Canada and risking all we had left. With strong willpower, passion for our profession, confidence in our talent, our love and mutual trust for each other, within no time our business was thriving and has been evolving ever since.

For over two decades, we’ve been working very hard. Designing unique, elegant, and sophisticated jewelry for our ever-growing clientele is no walk in the park. We’ve also restored, transformed, or reproduced old, damaged or lost jewelry. We love seeing how our work changes people, how happy they are, how elegant they look, and how they make others whisper to each other with envy.

Everything we design is hand-made. No serial manufacturing. No foreign-land factories. But, most important of all, to produce each piece of jewelry we design, there are no shortcuts. We take time, to take the time it takes, to give birth to each jewel.

Shouldn’t it be like that for everything?

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