The Glow and the Sparkles

February 25, 2021

Yesterday, we did a photoshoot to reshoot many pieces of jewelry from our various collections. As usual, the experience was very interesting with its technical challenges, unforeseen surprises, artistic debates, and multilingual mix of French, English, and Italian.

The whole thing was a whirlwind of action, talking, joking around, laughing, eventually resulting in beautiful photography. Every person on the set performed the job that he/she was hired for.

The most relaxed person on the set was the model. Young, beautiful, and professional. She did not act in the stereotypical way many models do and was very receptive to direction, comments, and coaching. A real young super pro!

At one point, we needed a shot with many pieces of jewelry on her for a mood shot. And then it happened! The stylist fitted her with multiple jewels. Out of nowhere, the young woman’s eyes lit up like one of the projectors on the set. She flashed a wide beautiful smile and had this sudden glow. The little girl in her resurfaced!

The effect new jewelry can have on a person is amazing, even if she doesn’t own it. Just wearing it for the first time is enough to change a person’s state of mind and mood!

So, if COVID-19 is getting to you, if winter seems too long, if life appears to be too complicated these days, you can always rely on a new unique, elegant, and sophisticated piece of jewelry to make you feel elated. Go ahead, treat yourself, or even better, offer a beautiful piece of jewelry to your loved one!

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