The Revival of a Jewel

September 30, 2020

We all know by now that jewels are more than the sum of their precious components. When a piece of jewelry is designed and manufactured it takes on a life of its own and starts its journey. Whether the item was crafted with a specific idea in mind to be offered to a loved one for a special occasion or passed down from one generation to the other, there is always something special about it.  But although we have an emotional connection, attachment, or respect for it, sometimes the look, design, arrangement, and style are no longer in line with what we currently like to wear. That does not mean that these precious items should be retired in a drawer and forgotten or sold for whatever they’re worth.

One great thing about jewelry is its ability to be reborn like the phoenix from its ashes. Imagine owning one or two pieces of jewelry that you love but do not wear any longer because their style is out of fashion. Wouldn’t it be great if you could breathe new life into them by combining them into a new and unique modern jewel? It would feel like you’re getting a new piece of jewelry (and the excitement associated with the new acquisition) while still retaining the memories, the emotional connection, and the history of the old ones through the recycling of their precious components.

When time comes to turn the old into new and the out-of-fashion into trendy, SERAFINO’s designers are ready to take on the challenge thanks to their extensive experience in jewelry transformation.

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