The Triangle is the New Round

October 29, 2020

Most people find safety in numbers, in blending in, wearing the safety blanket of “well, we always did it that way…” or “it’s fine. It does the trick”. When it comes to wedding bands, and bands in general, who said that there is a norm?

Yes, there is something sexy about round shapes, but not all beautiful things come in a circle. And so, as you would expect, at SERAFINO, we love breaking the rules and shattering dogma.

The exquisite Triangular Band made of sterling silver and set with seven discreet gemstones is a perfect example of how we look at conventional things and give them a little twist.

You don’t need to tie the knot to own one or all the variations we offer. But if you ARE in the process of looking for a beautiful band that gives an extra boost to your style, the Triangular Band should absolutely be on your gift list.

Please review our Triangular Bands today; the holiday season is on its way.

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