The Yellow Diamond

October 1, 2020

Yellow diamonds, aka Canary Yellow Diamonds or even Canary Diamonds, are the most common form of tinted diamonds. Statistically, within the category of coloured diamonds, only 1 carat out of every 10,000 carats mined is a natural coloured diamond. The yellow diamond variety has gained tremendous popularity because of the magnificent yellow shine and its relatively affordable price tag. It is commonly accepted that the yellow diamonds are the most popular colour diamonds.

Diamond colours are ranked on the Diamond Color Scale, ranging from D to Z. D represents a regular diamond that is colourless. Z, on the other hand, represents diamonds that are showing a yellowish tint.

Regular colourless diamonds are made of pure carbon, but the yellow diamond gets its signature tint from traces of nitrogen attached to the carbon during the diamond’s formation process. The more nitrogen contained in the diamond, the more vivid the yellow tint gets. The Yellow Diamond Color Scale ranks yellow diamonds as follows: Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Intense Yellow, Deep Yellow, and Vivid Yellow.

Yellow diamonds are cut like regular colourless diamonds; therefore, they are sold in all shapes and sizes.

One of the most famous gems is the Tiffany Yellow Diamond. It was discovered in South Africa in 1878 and, in its rough state, was 287.42 carats (57.484 g). It was later cut into a cushion shape of 128.54 carats with 82 facets. It is worth an estimated $30 million and is the most expensive diamond ever worn at the Oscars.



It was last worn at the 2012 Oscars by Lady Gaga in a beautiful necklace with over 100 carats of white diamonds.

In an earlier post, we discussed jewel transformation. The necklace shown in the article featured a yellow diamond.

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