Timing is Everything

September 25, 2020



When browsing through a jeweler’s online store, we have all found, at one point, something we really, really loved. And even though we could afford to purchase the desired piece of jewelry, we procrastinated by telling ourselves that the item in question will still be available whenever we decide to acquire it. Later, we remembered the beautiful jewel we discovered and liked, and elected to purchase it finally. Complete disappointment! The gem is no longer available. Gone is the desired gift to our loved one. Gone is the reward we wanted for ourselves. Gone!

In life, timing is everything. Doing the right thing at the right time for the right person can have a massive positive impact on the relationship. Offering a piece of jewelry should not necessarily coincide with a predetermined date, the date on which she expects something to happen. The tremendous effect that a surprise gift triggers is even more powerful when the present appear out of the blue, at an unexpected time. People love being surprised by a gift.

So next time you see beautiful jewelry you like for yourself or your loved one, buy it now, regardless of when you will offer it. You may never have the opportunity again!

SERAFINO imagines, designs, and manufactures magnificent jewelry that is not mass-produced in factories in a far and foreign land. Everything on our online store is carefully crafted by hand, with intense attention to detail, because we are always pursuing beauty and perfection.