September 9, 2020

In 1554, Spanish conquistador Francisco Spinoza’s expedition discovered what they first called the “Brazilian Emerald.” The first-ever found was green, which confused them into thinking it was an emerald, a confusion that lasted until the 1800s. Tourmaline’s name comes from “toramalii” meaning “mixed gems” in Sinhalese (the language of Sri Lanka, Ceylon in earlier years).

Tourmaline is found in vivid reds, pastel pinks, peach, green, yellow, blue, and black. Tourmaline’s popularity has increased substantially since large discoveries were found in Brazil in the 1980s and ’90s.

For centuries, people used Tourmaline, but used to think it was ruby, sapphire, emerald, etc.

Tourmaline’s colours come from traces of iron and perhaps titanium (green and blue), manganese (red and pink).

The various colours of Tourmaline have been named, and some of them are Rubellite, Indicolite, Paraiba, etc.

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