January 29, 2021

In many of our posts, we talk about gifts to a loved one for a special occasion. Many will understand that we meant a significant other, a better half, a lover, a wife, or a “great friend.” Today, the loved one we are thinking of is our child turning sixteen.

Sweet Sixteen is the coming of age party that many North American families throw for a daughter’s sixteenth birthday. While some of us will go all out for this occasion, others will celebrate it like any other birthday. Regardless of how we commemorate this milestone, gatherings are discouraged these days, and in many places, they are strictly forbidden. Teenagers are no longer able to gather with their friends like before. Sadness and depression are not feelings that loving parents would wish for their daughter on this special day.

How about a magnificent and unique piece of jewelry that will commemorate a young lady’s sixteenth birthday? This is the kind of gift that she will keep for the rest of her life. A reminder of how much her parents love her. A unique piece of jewelry that she will cherish forever.

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