What is the most expensive jewel in the world?

September 24, 2020


As far as our research can tell, the most expensive jewel in the world is also the most famous. The jewel is known as the Hope Diamond. It is a 45.52 carat unusually blue diamond that owes its colour, according to experts can tell, to impurities brought on by trace amounts of boron atoms.

The Hope Diamond is estimated at a whopping $250 million. Before being named, the diamond was larger than it currently is. It was found in the Golkonda mines in Southern India and purchased in 1666 by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, a French gem merchant who named it the “Tavernier Blue.” Later, it was cut and renamed the “French Blue,” the name under which Tavernier sold it to France’s King Louis XIV.

After being stolen from the royal family in 1792 it was cut yet again. What remained of the original gem was called Hope and belonged, around 1839, to a London banking family. Later it became the property of several subsequent owners such as Evelyn Walsh McLean (1911), and the diamond Harry Winston (1949) who toured it for a few years before donating it to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (1958), where it is still exhibited.

The Hope Diamond, aside from its magical look, is said to carry a curse and bring back luck, which paradoxically contributed to making it the most sought after jewel in history. This legend seems to have been associated with the jewel’s strange luminescence; it has a peculiar red glow when removed from all light sources.

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