When asked, explicitly say what you want

December 9, 2020


The holiday season is approaching, and many of us will have to answer the awkward question about what gift we would like. Some of us will say that we want nothing, some will reply that they don’t really have something precise in mind, and others definitely know what they want. We believe that it’s always better to receive a gift that we want and like, rather than one that will be exchanged later or forgotten.

Jewelry is something very personal. Yes, it is likely that your loved one knows you very well and hits the bull’s eye when choosing a piece of jewelry for you. But very often, although we think we know what our better half likes, we miss the mark by a mile! Yes, “it’s the thought that counts,” but if the gift is not worn, the message will be clear!

If he asks about what sort of gift you want for your birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion, answer without being evasive or unclear. It will really make his shopping easier.

At SERAFINO, we want you to own jewelry that matches your identity, that you can wear with pride, and that will make you look even more elegant, sophisticated, and unique.

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