Serafino will create your dream piece or repair or reinvent what you already own. We offer you more than 30 years of experience. Contact us with your questions and let us take care of your needs, no matter how demanding.

“We offer our clientele heirloom quality jewelry
—creations that never go out of style”.

—Antonio Serafino

Custom design

Custom design

Made to your specifications

Do you seek a striking jewelry creation to lift up one of life’s special moments? An eye- and touch-pleasing gift for yourself or a loved one? With our unmistakable artistic brio, we fashion originals, fix your old favorites, and breathe new life into your family heirlooms.

The custom design process begins with a meeting online or in our studio in downtown Montreal. There is no obligation on your part and the service is free.

First, we spend time with you, to decide direction. Second, we draw a suite of sketches for you to choose from. Third, we carve a wax model or create a 3D rendering. Fourth, we fabricate your piece, handcrafting it in gold, silver, or platinum, stones or pearls.

We remain open to your suggestions throughout the process.

Antonio Serafino


of beauty

Perhaps you’ve inherited an heirloom piece that doesn’t fit your style. Or you’ve accumulated rings, earrings, or bracelets that you no longer wear. Serafino can give your precious objects a new life.

We can design an entirely new piece, using your existing metal and gemstones. When we can’t use your metal, we can credit its value to the cost of your new piece.



of estate jewelry

Your inherited or purchased heirloom jewelry can be very worn and fragile. Some pieces may even be broken off or missing. But you don’t have to live in disappointment.

Serafino specializes in the meticulous restoration of estate jewelry. Collectors, dealers and museums depend on us to restore rare and valuable items to their original state.



of beauty

You want to wear your jewelry without compromise and the signs of wear. We help you maintain its integrity and luster.

Serafino offers you more than 30 years of experience in jewelry repair and restoration. We know how to bring your favorite pieces back to their original splendor.

What can we do for you?

We create, renew and repair your treasures