JURASSICA Pendant in 18K Rose Gold set with Fossil Agate and Diamonds

$ 4,150.00

This pendant features a stunning 1.3 inch fantasy cut fossilized coral agate. To add a touch of light a row of diamonds is set in the 18K rose gold mounting that holds the stone. The pendant comes on a 23 inch rubber necklace with a sterling silver loop and toggle clasp.

The origins of the fossil coral agate inspired us to name the pendant JURASSICA. —Close your eyes and imagine the world millions of years ago when this piece of coral was living in an ocean together with large swimming predators, while on land, dinosaurs and flying pterosaurs dominated the ecosystems.

Additional information


Diamond, Fossilized Coral




18K Pink Gold

Pendant lenght

5 cm (1,96 ")

Chain length

63 cm (25")

*Colors and measurements may vary slightly.