Big bulbous earrings
big bulbous earrings

Soma, big bulbous earrings

$ 290.00

Earth Goddess Sky God

In Greek “soma” means “body.” In Sanskrit it means “(intoxicating) drink of the gods.”  The Soma Collection embodies earthly solidity and a lightness of being that suggests unearthliness of spirit.


We make these big bulbous earrings in sterling silver and irregular white freshwater pearls.

  • Total length 47 mm ( 1 7/8″ )
  • Silver bulb 22 mm x 17 mm ( 7/8″ x 11/16″ )
  • Pearls are an uneven 5 mm – 8 mm ( 3/16″ to 5/16″ )

Colors and measurements may vary slightly

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