Bulbous bracelet

$ 870.00

This bulbous bracelet is made in sterling silver and adorned with irregular fresh water pearls. It can be adjusted to your exact size by hooking the carabine clasp into the chain loop of your choice.

  • Pearl size

    5 mm-8 mm ( 3/16" – 5/16" )


    Sterling Silver

    Big silver bulb

    22 mm x 17 mm ( 7/8″ x 10/16″ )

    Small silver bulb

    12 mm x 7 mm ( 1/2″ x 2/8″ )

    Carabine clasp

    10 mm ( 3/8" )

    Colors and measurements may vary slightly.

The Soma Collection embodies earthly solidity and a lightness of being that suggests unearthliness of spirit. In Greek “soma” means “body.” In Sanskrit it means “(intoxicating) drink of the gods.”

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