Corallina, sterling silver coral necklace

$ 385.00

Oceanic Nature

The Corallina Collection evokes the beauty of liquid, lacy, floral and coral patterns. —A symbolic fragment of the watery mystery that encircles our globe.


Sterling silver coral necklace with a light pink coral cabochon.


  • Chain length 42cm (33″)
  • Pendant length 5cm (2″)
  • Coral cabochon: 7mm x 6mm (9/32″ x 2/8″)

When you buy a Corallina piece we donate 5% to the Coral Conservation Society.

The coral used to make this collection is part of inventory bought from a retiring colleague. You are probably conscious of the impact coral harvesting has on our planet. But you may agree that it would be disrespectful to throw these beautiful gems away. Rest assured that and once they are used up we will resort to an ecofriendly replacement.

Colors and measurements may vary slightly

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Colours and measurements may vary slightly.

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