Inspired by Bees and Pop Art: The New Esagono Collection

Our new Esagono Collection, marks a journey into the shapes and hues of bee and bee flower culture. It adopts the simplicity of hexagonal cells and the purity of bright Andy Warhol colours. 

The Collection features sterling silver earrings, pendants and rings enhanced by turquoise, repurposed coral, malachite and onyx. Brilliant semi-spheres emphasize the centre and balance of each jewel.

The Esagono Collection celebrates the architectural genius of bees. The hexagonal cells of the beehive create strength and ductility, simply articulated. The cells develop around the centre of the hive, creating lines and corners that wrap and protect. And they employ the minimum building material necessary for maximum efficiency and weight support.

“Bees are intricate creatures,” says Annegret Morf, Senior Goldsmith Designer and Partner at Serafino. “They’re central to our ecosystem, and rightly celebrated for their productive skills and unique building achievements. We’re pleased to take cues from their world in the development of this unique collection.”

Support the diminishing bee population

Bee colonies are disappearing throughout the world. The balance of nature depends upon their flourishing. Serafino wants to do its part. We will donate 10% of the proceeds of Esagono sales to Bee City Canada.