Introducing a new interplay of muscle, bone, nerve, and sensuality in jewelry

Established in 1999, Serafino is one of Montreal’s leading fine art jewelry studios. The Serafino team designs and handcrafts original collections and one-of-a-kind creations. It has been featured in numerous publications, including the National Post, the Montreal Gazette, Flare Magazine, and Canadian Jeweller.

SERAFINO’S new collection, “Fisico,” meaning “body” in Italian, exalts the interplay between the body’s organs and tissues: muscle, nerve, bone, eyes, and heart. The body is a living map that allows us to read the world through our senses. It demands that the world understand who we are and how we came to be. Every scar and blemish sets or erases the margins between us and others. Every heartbeat and muscle contraction defines our life. Our body’s uniqueness emerges as a source of pride, be it in intimacy or on the social or theatrical stage.

The 25-year-old designer and jewelry artist Lorenzo Serafino, son of Serafino’s founders Antonio Serafino and Annegret Morf, infuses the Fisico Collection with his experience as a circus artist and dancer. The collection expresses the artist’s efforts, wounds, and battles to surpass his body’s limits in order to reach the state of “near-flight.”

“Art, in all its forms, is the engine of my life—from circus skills to dance to song. My jewelry creations are lasting expressions of my performance aesthetic.”

— Lorenzo Serafino

The Fisico Collection features sculptured necklaces, pendants, rings and bracelets that exude bold confidence. Handcrafted in solid sterling silver and set with hard gems, this robust collection withstands everyday wear and tear. Fisico’s statement sensuality and its soft but well-defined contours make it versatile, eclectic, and gender-fluid.

Braided leather cords reflect the elasticity of the body’s intertwining muscles. The glow of polished silver—like perspiring skin—speaks of the tenacity of those who never give up. Quartz, garnet, amethyst, peridot or topaz lend a touch of light, charm, and sophistication.

These heirloom-quality jewels are perfect accessories for social or private occasions that may—or may not—take a transgressive turn.

Every piece in the Fisico Collection is part of an ode to the mystery and charisma of the biological machine, our body.