SERAFINO Joalliers Montréal bijoux custom

Hand-crafted necklaces and pendants that grace you

While he was still learning the trade, Antonio bought a lovely, marquise-cut green tourmaline to create a pendant for Annegret. The tourmaline was to hang below a delicate, diamond-shaped gold setting with a tiny round diamond in it. Sadly, the tourmaline broke during the process. Such are the sorrows of a goldsmith’s apprentice. Annegret still wears the golden pendant with a tiny diamond, and in her imagination the tourmaline is still there.

These heirloom-quality pendants, necklaces & chains grace everyday and special occasions alike. Choose gold, silver or platinum designs ignited by fine gems, stones, or pearls. Adorn & be adored.

  • natural aquamarine necklace

    Aqua marina, natural aquamarine necklace

    $ 7,500.00
  • sterling silver coral necklace

    Sterling silver coral necklace

    $ 385.00
  • Blue agate and rhodolite pendant

    $ 1,040.00
  • agate and rhodolite pendant

    Green agate and rhodolite pendant

    $ 1,040.00
  • recycled coral and citrine pendant

    Recycled coral and citrine pendant

    $ 1,040.00
  • turquoise and peridot pendant

    Turquoise and peridot pendant

    $ 1,040.00
  • colorful multi stone necklace

    Colorful multi stone necklace

    $ 810.00
  • colorful multi stone ring

    Colorful multi stone ring

    $ 840.00
  • moonstone and aquamarine necklace

    Snowflake Fairy, moonstone and aquamarine necklace

    $ 2,060.00
  • bulbous necklace with freshwater pearls

    Bulbous necklace with freshwater pearls

    $ 390.00
  • volcanic-rock necklace

    Volcanic rock necklace

    $ 3,400.00
  • white calcite necklace

    White calcite necklace

    $ 5,000.00
  • Unda peridot necklace

    Unda Peridot Necklace

    $ 4,500.00
  • sapphire pendant

    Blue sapphire pendant

    $ 2,600.00
  • pink sapphire pendant

    Pink sapphire pendant

    $ 2,660.00
  • sapphire pendant

    White sapphire pendant

    $ 2,480.00